11 YO boy crossed Loc and Indian Army sent him back with Sweets and New clothes

Indicating admiration to fundamental human principles, the Indian Army has sent back an 11-year-old kid from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) after he accidentally went too far of Control and achieved India on Sunday.

He was sent back through Chakan Da Bagh crossing point in Poonch area on philanthropic grounds.

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“Indian Army stands by its ethos of being a humane force and maintains sensitivity while dealing with innocent civilians,” an official said.

Mohammed Abdullah was secured by the armed force on June 24 in Degwar region of Poonch region and gave over to the police around the same time. The police completed important conventions for his repatriation and Abdullah was sent back on Wednesday.

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He is the child of Sarfaraz, an inhabitant of Degwar tehsil in PoK ‘s Haveli area, the authority said.

Official included Abdullah was discharged philanthropic grounds, attributable to his young age and to help the certainty building measures amongst Indian and Pakistan. He was likewise given new fabrics and desserts, they said.