detox water recipes

Are you trying to reduce your belly fat but unable to do so? Well, apart from your regular workout, you should pay a little heed to Detox water which is now-a-days a popular a popular diet craze among weight consious people.

The reason?

The detox drinks are not only delicious, but are packed with essential nutrients that provides several health benefits. And on the top of it, they boost the fat burning process. It helps in reducing inflammation, boost energy, cleanse the liver and makes your skin healthy. So, if you want to lose those extra kilos from your body, you should inculde these 3 detox water in your daily diet.

1- Lemon Water:

Lemon water

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Lemon Water is one of the best drinks to have in summers. Lemon is a healthy citrus fruit that contains Vitamin Cand several other nutrients which improves your health and helps in weight loss. Intake of lemon water also helps in repairing and rejuventaing your skin.

2- Cucumber Water:

cucumber water

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Cucumbers are considered one of the most effective drinks that helps in stimulating urination, cleansing your liver, water retention in the body, and to flush out bodily toxins. They contain anti-oxidants whichy prevents and delay cells damage.

3- Grapefruit Water:

Grapefruit Water

Both eating and drinking grapefruit helps in losing weight. The enzyme called AMP in grapefruit helps in shredding the extra kilos.  Grapefruit is rich in Vityamin C which makes your skin  healthy and improves your immune system.