Dear soldiers,

Unfeigned salute to the brothers and sisters who are protecting India at the border lines. Had you been not there in our lives, we wouldn’t be able to live peacefully. I really don’t know if people feel your pains and difficulties or not but Indians do respect you a lot. It is such an auspicious occasion today that some audacious heroes are being rewarded for their ferocious deeds while others are standing at the borderlines heedfully fighting against the foes. Brothers and sisters, you are the real superheroes that India needs direly. The batman, the Spiderman and the superman are just hallucinations for us but deep down our soul, we know that you people are absolutely irreplaceable great human beings.

We cannot even fantasize our lives without you. It feels forlorn to think that you stay distantly from your home leaving your beloved family apart and your little kids bawl and hanker to see you but still you remain cold-hearted and prioritize your duty and responsibility towards the nation. If there is someone too great to be called a celebrity then it’s you. If there is someone too heroic on this earth then it’s you. If there is someone who sacrifices his/her life for the sake of nation then it’s of course you. You are such a dauntless hero India looks forward to. Sincere thanks for immolating your comforts and luxuries for the nation. Happy Republic Day. Jai Hind. Jai Bharat!

Yours’ sincerely,


Author: Ankita Bisht