real love definition

We all grew up reading how inner beauty is what makes a person beautiful and outer beauty is temporary and an illusion many times. But how often have we implied it in our real lives as well? Probably never! We judge people on their looks. And it is not our fault! The influencers in our society are serving us with these so-called beauty norms. The famous beauty cream brands advertise how one needs to look beautiful and fair in order to have a good job and a good life. We right swipe the people on dating apps we find good looking and charming. People are body shamed all the time on social media. We hit like on the beautiful couple pictures and ignore the lesser attractive ones.

Leave apart everybody else, do you yourself find anybody attractive who doesn’t qualify the beauty standards set by the society or as we call them ‘Ugly’? Would you date or marry someone who is not beautiful/handsome enough to match you? Well, the answer for many of us would be a big NO. We want our wedding pictures and Instagram feed to look interesting. Isn’t it?

Well, while most of us are living this fake life, there are people who are beyond these stereotyped notions of beauty. There are people who still fall in love with a person’s heart and nature and not by how he/she looks.


We came across the social media feed of a woman named Dengs San Pedro who shared a beautiful picture with her husband but received several hate comments. The picture went viral as more and more people bashed her husband. People advised the woman to look for another husband who would be as good looking as she is. After all, it didn’t qualify the beautiful couple pictures’ standards.


However, Dengs chose to ignore the hateful comments by people. She finds her husband the most attractive and handsome guy she has ever met. She also finds herself lucky to be loved by her husband. She knows the real love definition that no book teaches.


Real Love Meaning

Be it a love marriage or an arranged set up, we always look for a life partner who has a good height, fair complexion and has an attractive personality. There is nothing wrong in being physically attracted to someone who is beautiful. But it isn’t even morally correct to bash someone who is not beautiful according to you. Looks are temporary, but a good heart and pure love are permanent.

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