Dear Dad,

I believe money will follow if I do what I Love and You worry about money? it absolutely makes sense that I’d make the most money when I do something I’m interested and invested in.

And when I am bringing my heart and soul to work, the work will definitely show up a good report, and the reason I remained unfulfilled in my career because maybe I’m on a path that doesn’t connect with my passion. And I think it’s high time I need to steer right off that road and take a different route.

Money is a very powerful thing. As it builds empires, it also breaks down empires and it allows for dreams to come true and it takes others away, it makes some people’s lives happy and other’s completely miserable. Today money is considered happiness. But this becomes problematic sometimes when people like me stray down onto a path that doesn’t suit me out of societal and family pressure. Sometimes Money just makes me happy temporarily. And what’s the point of enjoying myself with the money in the later years when I am spending my whole life being miserable Dad? I felt I was mindlessly wasting my time away over these years.

Getting early every morning and stressing your head and body for the office from 9 to 5 just punching away the hours get miserable to be followed every day and for work, I don’t even care about. Yes, I might have been got habituated to this schedule but then that would have been a different person inside me and not the actual me.

However, all this will never be an issue when I’m onto my guitar and lyrics for which I’m passionate about. Even when I put in extra hours it doesn’t matter and isn’t a burden because I don’t feel like I am forced to do it, instead becomes more enjoyable. And I am always willing to put in extra efforts to go beyond limitations and excel. I truly enjoy what I do. I can relate myself to this and come up with better and more creative ideas on lyrics.

Being forced to do work is one of the most draining experiences I had, Dad!

When I ’m working hard at something, I’m becoming good at it day by day and I enjoy it more and become more passionate about it and believe that I will excel at it someday and be the best.

Now for me, the real challenge is to communicate the gift of my passion, my mission and my unique value which I’m craving to do.

Author: Ankita Kar