There are only a couple of things that we Indians are fixated on what’s more including the regulars like Bollywood and cricket, the following greatest fixation has dependably been our cell phones. From being snared on to them 24×7 to fixating on the most recent models and plans, we are liable of being slaves to the best cell phones on the planet. For us, our reality is about speed and the best web availability, all things considered, by what other method are we to ‘speed post’ our every day refreshes! Also, unless you are living under a stone, you realize that this fixation has just been developing post the BIG declaration of the following Flagship cell phone – OnePlus 6. The cell phone that has guaranteed to exceed each other telephone. The craziness around the OnePlus 6 being a fan is simply expanding each day. Their gigantic group of supporters is tallying down days to the dispatch to lay their hands on the quickest telephone ever. What’s more, a personality you, we are as well! All things considered, the energy of the OnePlus people group beyond any doubt is infectious. Try not to trust us? Watch Gaurav Kapur rap about his new fixation!

Amid the most recent couple of weeks, we have kept you and the regularly growing OnePlus people group of fans side by side of everything that we think about the new leader executioner OnePlus 6. From configuration points of interest to camera determinations and the product, however, to give you a short recap, this is what you are looking – the OnePlus 6 will include a score at the highest point of the screen. It will have a glass board on the back alongside a camera that can give the expert ones a keep running for their cash. It additionally has Snapdragon 845 SoC with up to 8 GB of RAM. Presently envision the EXCITEMENT.

The OnePlus 6 will be propelled on seventeenth May 2018 at Dome, NSCI in Mumbai at 3 pm. Also, tickets to this elite occasion have just been sold out. Inside 4 minutes of running live with the ticket deal, the tickets were sold out. OnePlus supporter and fans are making a trip from various urban areas to go to the excellent dispatch. Be that as it may, those of you who didn’t influence it on time to the web-to ticket window stress not, on the grounds that you can watch the live stream of the dispatch on their online networking handles.