Top 50 Smart Cities In The World

Smart Cities In The World

Here is the list of top 50 smart cities in the world in 2018:

  1. New York- United States
  2. London-United Kingdom
  3. Paris- France
  4. Tokyo- Japan
  5. Reykjavik- Iceland
  6. Singapore- Singapore
  7. Seoul- South Korea
  8. Toronto- Canada
  9. Hong Kong- China
  10. Amsterdam- The Netherlands
  11. Berlin- Germany
  12. Melbourne- Australia
  13. Copenhagen- Denmark
  14. Chicago- United States
  15. Sydney- Australia
  16. Stockholm- Sweden
  17. Los Angeles- United States
  18. Wellington- New Zealand
  19. Vienna- Austria
  20. Washington-United States
  21. Boston-United States
  22. Helsinki- Finland
  23. Oslo- Norway
  24. Zurich- Switzerland
  25. Madrid- Spain
  26. Barcelona- Spain
  27. San Francisco- United States
  28. Auckland- New Zealand
  29. Bern- Switzerland
  30. Dublin- Ireland
  31. Hamburg- Germany
  32. Geneva- Switzerland
  33. Goteborg- Sweden
  34. Basel- Switzerland
  35. Ottawa- Canada
  36. Vancouver- Canada
  37. Munich- Germany
  38. Montreal- Canada
  39. Houston- United States
  40. Prague- Czech Republic
  41. Dalla- United States
  42. Frankfurt- Germany
  43. Rotterdam- The Netherlands
  44. Lyon-France
  45. Milan- Italy
  46. Philadelphia- United States
  47. San Diego- United States
  48. Brussels- Belgium
  49. Riga- Latvia
  50. Tallinn- Estonia

Smart cities in the US

We have listed down the smart cities in the US:

  1. New York
  2. Chicago
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Washington
  5. Boston
  6. San Fransisco
  7. Houston
  8. Dalla
  9. Philadelphia
  10. San Diego

Advantages Of Smart City:

There is no rocket science in figuring out the advantages of the smart city. Every nation is investing to make its cities smart. Let us know why:

  1. Security- A smart city would mean more security as it would include installation of CCTV cameras. It is easy to monitor citizens and activities and dangerous individuals can be identified. CCTVs also helps in monitoring motion. Features like fire and smoke alarm, lock and unlock of doors can be installed.
  2. Waste Efficiency – There are problems like water wastage due to leaks and blockages, over-usage etc. By installing the smart water system, the problem of water wastage can be solved. Smart water meters can detect low water flow in pipes and potential backflow.
  3. Infrastructure-Smart cities have the ability to monitor traffic patterns and congestion points through sensors located in the cars.
  4. Transportation- Smart cities make use of electronic vehicles which eliminate harmful emissions. There are mobile apps which gives time estimates for trains, buses and other public transports.  Such smart cities technology optimize the travel, reduce pollution and helps in the efficient transportation of goods.