Kuy Ke Mamtha Ka Koi mazhab Nahi Hota Hai

The world is celebrating Mother’s day today. But is just one day enough to thank your mother for all the selfless and unconditional love she has showered on us even before we were born? There’s nothing purer than a mother’s love and it neither has any conditions attached to it. And this video shows the same.

Watch this heartwarming video about how mother’s love has no religion:

The video titled ‘Kheer Khurma’ shows the purity of the love. It shows how religion is such a small thing in front of love.

There have been many women in our lives who have loved us like our mother’s day. Sometimes it is our elder sister, sometimes our teacher who took care of us and taught us life lessons in school, and sometimes it was our Maasi (Mother’s sister) who just loved us for no reason!

A shout out to all women who just know how to love regardless of anything else.

Happy Mother’s day!

Directed By- Monet Saha  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005315148255

Written By- Honey Jain https://www.facebook.com/honey.jain.942

Produced By- Randhir Singh