manmohan singh and narendra modi

Few days back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was highly criticized for remaining silent over Unnao and Kathua rape cases that created outrage in the nation. Memes did round on social media and the hashtag #SpeakUp was trending on Twitter until he finally broke silence. And now, our former Prime Minster Manmohan Singh who was often criticized for being a silent PM took a dig at PM Modi for being silent for so long.

In an interview, Manmohan Singh said, “I think the Prime Minister should follow his own advice to me and he should speak more often. Through press (reports) I know that he used to criticize me for not speaking up. I feel that the advice that he used to give me, he should follow it himself.”

manmohan singh and narendra modi

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He further said the Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Mehbooba Mufti could have handled Kathua rape and murder case more seriously and she should have taken charge of the case right from the beginning when it came into light.

Manmhon Singh says that he was distressed when he read the reports of rape of an 8-year-old girl. e said that the girl was so young that she “didn’t know who is Hindu and who is Muslim, what is her left or right hand”.

He said, “The BJP government at the Centre could send instructions to its state governments to ensure that law and order are properly enforced, and minorities and Dalits and women are treated properly.”

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