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Do you remember the three kindergarten girls saving the city from deadly criminals? Well, if you are a 90s kid, you must have got a hint by now. The American superhero animated show The Powerpuff Girls made our childhood awesome. The show was about three girls from kindergarten who had superpowers and were often called by the city’s mayor to help fight the criminals.

Powerpuff Girls Episodes:

The iconic animated show first aired on November 18, 1998, and aired its last episode on March 25, 2005. And on this November 18th, it will be the show’s 20th anniversary and we can’t keep calm as we have a big reason to rejoice. On the occasion, Cartoon Network will stream Powerpuff Girls episodes for 72 hours straight. It will stream both the original show and the new season of Powerpuff girls. CN will also telecast an original music video created by female animators from different parts of the world.

CN is also launching Empowerpuff internship programme to invite people to work behind the scenes in production and marketing department. The fans can also purchase an exclusive Empowerpuff sweater that can only be purchased via email as it is made on order. The profits generated from the sale of these sweaters will be donated to The Lower East Side Girls Club.

So, are you excited about it?

Powerpuff Girls Names:

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1- Powerpuff Girls Bubbles


2- Powerpuff Girls Buttercup


3- Powerpuff Girls Blossom:


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