Rajesh Kumar

A decade back, a character named Rosesh Sarabhai won our hearts with his acting in the show Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. And today, he is winning our hearts by simply being himself. Rajesh Kumar had a well-settled life in Mumbai- a life that every one of us would simply wish for!

However, he chose to give up all the luxuries of the smart city and bid adieu to his acting career to build a smart village.  He took up zero-budget spiritual farming, a philosophy that rejects chemicals for organic alternatives, to turn Barma into a smart village.

Rajesh is building a smart village

He left out Mumbai around a half year prior, and is glad and substance with what he is doing now. He says that it will require loads of investment yet he is up for the test. The town which never observed power, has it now, and it’s all a direct result of Rajesh Kumar. His endure subsequent meet-ups with “bijlee vibhag” brought electricity to the village at night.

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His dad had been encouraging him to take care of their dismissed hereditary farmland for quite a long time.

“I was sitting under a mango tree, somewhere around here, and that was when it struck me, almost like Buddha’s story.”

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He starts his day at the splits of the first light, milks dairy animals and after that examines the fields.

He said, “My children, Ahaan (9) and Vyaan (6), planted mango seeds when they went by me last October. Presently, they request photographs to track the development of the saplings.”

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He further said, “When an actor takes up another profession, many assume it’s because he isn’t getting work. But in my case, the kind of work I was offered in TV wasn’t challenging and some of the characters were just modelled on Rosesh Sarabhai,”