Khushi Kapoor Breaks Down At Trailer Launch Of Dhadak

It’s clearly a major day for the Kapoors as the much-anticipated trailer of Janhvi Kapoor’s presentation film Dhadak is formally out! Today is the day when we as a group of people, at last, get the chance to see the on-screen character in Janhvi and the reality she’s the first of the two little girls to convey forward Sridevi’s inheritance puts all the more weight on her to demonstrate her grit as an on-screen character. So it shocks no one that the whole family is profoundly passionate at this moment.

Where sibling Arjun Kapoor posted an inspiring message on Instagram urging Janhvi to remain solid and assume control over the world, one film at any given moment. Khushi Kapoor, who was there at the trailer dispatch this evening, separated watching her sister’s fantasy transforming into the real world

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A video of Khushi getting mournful at the Dhadak trailer dispatch has hit the web where you can see the Kapoor sisters sharing an embrace before Khushi wiping off her tears and attempting to grin in what they call a staggering minute.

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In Janhvi’s first meeting with Vogue, she had specified about Khushi’s maternal love saying, “I’ve always been very bad at that. Khushi is very maternal with me. I am a full baby. She takes care of me. Now she comes and puts me to sleep sometimes.” How sweet is that? Janhvi admits she was really dependent on Sridevi as she adds, “I could always be the baby with her. When I’d wake up, the first thing I’d do was ask for her. I’d need her to put me to sleep sometimes and she literally had to feed me. The day before she left for the wedding, I had to shoot, but I couldn’t sleep, so I was like, “I need you to come and put me to sleep.” But she was packing, so by the time she came to me I was half asleep. But I could feel her patting my head.”