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Smart City Networks:

Smart City Networks is a leading communications provider company based in Houston, Texas. The company manages the technology services for even 3,000 events annually. They have been the communications provider to convention centers and hospitality venues for over 30 years. The company employees around 200 members worldwide.

Smart City Company Products and Services

Smart city company aims at providing their customers with the highest level of connectivity. It provides a wide range of products and services. Check out the list:

  1. For conventions, meetings, and Hotel venues: The company offers customized solutions that align with the capabilities and budget of the client and also addresses the unique needs of the show managers, exhibitors, and attendees. It caters to the need of people looking for the design and maintenance of a wired infrastructure, development of a wireless system that can accommodate thousands of diverse devices or even a partner to oversee the maintenance of your utility services, including electrical, plumbing and telephone. Smart City Networks has solutions for all such needs.
  2. For stadiums: For the stadium partners, they provide design, installation, and maintenance of High-Density WiFi, as well as the latest technology in Location Based Services and voice and audio/visual. They also provide the design and installation of customized Distributed Antenna Systems, data networks, electrical/utility services, and telephone/computer network engineering, security, and monitoring
  3. For show management: Smart City Networks provide 24/7 show management support and a minimum of two updates per day on the progress of your event. The Events are staffed with local Smart City team members and attendees to utilize, and additional support from other regional facilities can be added depending on your size and needs. The company also ensures network reliability and security by visiting exhibitors during move-in and show days, providing WiFi and IP configuration assistance as needed, monitoring the network throughout and ensuring customer satisfaction on all services.
  4. For Exhibitors: Under this, you get reliable WiFi and custom network configurations to maintain digital connectivity, or telephone services and special electrical capabilities to deliver the exhibition-space experience you envision. They also offer a variety of office equipment rental and utility services to help make your exhibition space a success.
  5. For attendees: The company’s Internet infrastructure is strong enough to connect thousands of attendees simultaneously, allowing everyone to experience the same fast and dependable connections no matter what. As a visitor, one can expect free WiFi in public areas with the option to purchase faster speeds if desired. Well, isn’t it great?
  6. Digital Signage: Under this, the venues and meeting planners are provided with exciting opportunities for branding, digital advertising, revenue generation, and attendee interaction. The company provides custom video and LED walls to interactive displays and meeting room signage, all of which can be utilized indoor and outdoor.

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