UN Peacekeeping missions

In this section, we have listed down Some Unknown Facts About The Peace Keeping Force Of The Indian Army:

1-The Indian Peacekeeping was Formed in 1950. Its First ever mission was in Korea during Korean War (1950-1954). Almost 6,000 troops were stationed in Korea during their tough times.

Indian Peacekeeping

2-  Till date, India has taken part in more than 44 peacekeeping missions around the globe.

3- India has been the largest troop contributor to the UN Peacekeeping missions ever since its inception, contributing more than 1,80,000 troops to peacekeeping missions in troubled parts of the world like Sudan, Congo, Cambodia and the Middle East among others.

4- Till date, 156 Indian soldiers have been martyred while trying to keep peace and calm overseas.

5- Recently, India lost two brave gallants while serving on a peacekeeping mission in South Sudan. The UN had lauded the Indian troops for their efforts in preventing a carnage in the civil-war-torn African nation.

6- There has been no modern conflict since 1950 in which the Indian peacekeeping troops have not been deployed.

7-  Lt Gen Satish Nambiar, an Indian, served as United Nations Protection Force Commander during the war in the Balkans. He had military troops from over 34 countries under his command.

8- India established the first all-female police unit in the history of UN peacekeeping. Called the Female Formed Police Unit, it was deployed in Liberia in 2007. The unit returned home recently, in February 2016, after almost a decade of serving the nation overseas.

9- Over 74 gallantry medals have been awarded to our soldiers serving in UN peacekeeping missions.

10- Democratic Republic of Congo is UN’s biggest peacekeeping operation in the world, and India’s is the biggest contingent with over 4,000 peacekeeping troops on the ground.