Kuy Ke Mamtha Ka Koi mazhab Nahi Hota Hai

‘Love of a mother knows no religion,’ shows this Heartwarming video

The world is celebrating Mother’s day today. But is just one day enough to thank your mother for all the selfless and unconditional love she has showered on us even before we were born? There’s nothing purer than a mother’s love and it neither has any conditions attached to it. And this video shows the […]

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor took his mother on a lunch date, pictures are so warm!

The world is celebrating mother’s day today and everyone is expressing their love and gratitude towards their mother for the selfless and unconditional love and care. From a common man to the celebrities, everybody is trying to do a bit what makes their mother happy. From giving gifts, to taking out for lunch, to writing […]

Kartik Aaryan

Kartik Aryan’s Mother’s Day wish is inspired from Baahubali and you can’t afford to miss

It’s Mother’s day today and people are expressing their love and gratitude towards their mothers. Not only a common man, but also the celebrities choose Social media to put up a lovely post thanking their mother in a love filled wish. While others post a picture with their mother and write a cute caption, bollywood […]