Kings XI Punjab hasn’t had a very fruitful IPL 2018. They failed to qualify for the playoffs once more. In addition, they have never won an IPL title. Mumbai Indians, then again, are the best IPL team with 3 title victories in 11 endeavours.

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Along these lines, when one of the proprietors of Kings XI Punjab passes some unsportsmanlike remarks about Mumbai Indians, it’s quite obvious it will make the news.

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Mumbai Indians expected to crush Delhi Daredevils on Sunday with a specific end goal to qualify for the playoffs. Tragically they fell 11 runs short. Them losing gave Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals an opportunity to qualify for the playoffs.

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Kings XI Punjab expected to beat Chennai Super Kings by 53 runs or more to qualify. Lamentably, their top request has fallen and they were just ready to put a not too bad 153 on the board. In any case, for a team like Chennai Super Kings, chasing down this total would not have been an inconvenience. They figured out how to win with 5 balls to save.

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In any case, there’s a saying. Every cloud has a silver lining. At any rate that’s what it looked like Preity Zinta believes in. After the match, while she ought to have been mourning her team’s misfortune and knockout from the competition, she was seen smiling and having fun

There is no chance to get of confirming what Preity was saying and there’s no chance she is going to turn out in public and admit to saying something as unsportsmanlike as this. Be that as it may, if you watch the video a couple of times, you will clearly see what she’s saying. Here’s our best figure, “I am just very happy that Mumbai is not going to the finals..Really happy.”

Whether or not she said these words is something you will need to decide for yourself. Until further notice, everything we can state is there is nothing incorrectly in taking joy in another person’s misfortune. We do it constantly. Preity is human too. She has a right to be happy. Whatever makes her happy. Just next time, maybe she should wait till she’s behind shut entryways.